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February 2013

Green Rotten Apples!

RA-GREENHi There, RA blog groupies! It’s time for another entertaining post from yours truly. Yay!

Today’s blog post is brought to you by the color GREEN.

Why GREEN do you ask? Well, because GREEN is trendy and cool and it is the color of trees and grass and money and…envy? GREEN is also a way of stating your carbon neutral status: “Guys, I’m, like, totally green now since I’m composting.” You get the picture. GREEN is good.

I’m not going to sit here and lecture you on the benefits and advantages of “going GREEN.” We are all grown adults here. We know that recycling and looking out for future generations by reducing our carbon footprint is in our best interest as a planet, right? And while it is true that some of us are more motivated than others to take the steps to do so, we can all appreciate those who do try to make this planet more sustainable I think.

So, that got our big RA brains turning: how can an personal electronics repair company go GREEN?! It’s kind of an oxymoron (Sorry, I love that word and will use it at any given opportunity). Well, we realized that we were already partially GREEN. For instance: We selected a web hosting company that was small (yay Indie!), that also employs the use of wind power to service their grid. This not only helps cut down on electrical power usage, it also supports local farmers who depend on REC purchases to allow them to sell to utility companies at a fraction of the true cost of generating the more expensive renewable energy, enabling more GREEN energy to be used by more people at a lower cost. Sweeeet.

At RA we also recycle packaging material, batteries, plastics and electronic components the “GREEN” way. The packaging materials that we use to send our customers’ devices back are also composed of 90% post-consumer waste. Our copy and office paper is made from 100% recycled materials as well.

But, having said all of that – we feel that there is still some room for improvement. We have been looking at some other options to help make our company a lil’ bit more sustainable, and we have to admit – we have found some pretty cool ways to do that.

By using green shipping, we can now make each one of our outbound shipments carbon neutral. Every package we send from now on will be free of impact on the environment. Our customers will also get a nifty little GREEN tracking map with their tracking confirmation information once their package has been sent, so they can see this in action. Yay for GREEN logistics!

While we don’t use lot of paper here at RA – we do use it for invoicing, receipts and mailing labels. And although we cannot eliminate the use of paper for mailing labels, we now want to offer our customers the choice of having their invoice receipts sent electronically, or on paper, when we send their devices back to them. So, we can’t force you all into being GREEN, but we can give you the option to do so!

Rotten Apples is still the “little guy” in the grand scheme of Apple repair businesses out there, so while our impact and contributions to the environment may be small, we still feel that they are important. And hey – we like being the small guy anyways. It allows us to be fast, efficient and provide the best customer service out there. Think of us as your new favorite indie band. Think of us as The Shins, or Band of Horses. Some may have heard of us, most have not…but the ones who have heard are HUGE fans! We don’t have a big label, we play at local pubs and amphitheaters, and we are good because we are a genuinely, talented group of people – we are not the product of “studio magic” and the local radio stations don’t have us in heavy rotation…but we are here regardless, and we are ready to make you our next fan…even if you just like us for our GREEN.

Happy day, everyone!

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