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February 2014

The Lowest Prices in Town! (lol)

Hi Readers!

It’s been awhile since we have gotten around to posting, but as you can imagine, the holidays are pretty hectic for repairs! We are glad to say we have successfully serviced many customers’ Christmas presents already! Be careful with those new iDevices, as they are FRAGILE!

Here at Rotten Apples, we like to keep our customers happy. We are honest, straight-forward and provide some pretty awesome customer service (if I do say so myself). Most importantly, we are ALWAYS mindful of our pricing, and the quality of parts used for our repairs. We strive very hard to maintain consistency across the board, so that your device will function and perform as it was meant to….and of course, so you will be happy!

So what does this all mean? And why are you telling us this? BOOOOORING.

It has come to our attention that some of our competitors are offering lower prices than ours, which, in business will happen. That’s why we constantly do field research – to stay competitive on our services that we provide. Recently, we found a couple competitors offering EXTREMELY low prices on iPhone Glass Repairs. This prompted us to ask ourselves a couple of questions: how are they offering such a low price on these repairs, and what are they telling the customer? So, in order to have these questions answered – we opted for the repair service…and boy did we find some dirt….literally!

The first question we asked when inquiring about the repair service offered was: Do you use Apple OEM parts for this repair? The second question was: Will this repair void my Apple 1 year manufacturers warranty?

There are 2 reasons why we asked these questions:

1.) OEM quality parts should be the only parts used for ALL Apple repairs. When our competitors use cheap, replica parts, they oftentimes fail shortly after the install (i.e. the digitizer loses sensitivity, the LCD develops white or colored lines after a few months of use, etc.), or they are forcibly installed into a device that they do not fit properly into (replicas OFTEN are not sized properly, disallowing them to seal/fit properly – which allows easy access for moisture, dust, etc.). FYI – Rotten Apples uses OEM quality parts. There are no substitutes. We don’t buy the cheapest parts on the market so that we can be the cheapest gig in town. Sorry/Not Sorry.

2.) Just dropping your iPod/iPhone, etc. and shattering the screen voids your warranty. Period. You have 3 choices at this point: a.) take it to Apple, have them repair/replace it for a ridiculous amount of money, b.) take it to a 3rd party repair company (such as Rotten Apples) and have them fix it for you and save some money, or c.) DIY (highly not recommended). Choice A will allow you to retain your 1 year Apple Manufacturer Warranty, as Apple has provided you with authorized service on your device. Choice B will allow you to have the repair done cheaper (typically), but will ALWAYS void your warranty. Choice C is just silly.

So, why does Choice B void my manufacturers warranty, especially if you have Apple Certified Techs on staff? Good question.

Our techs are certified by Apple in many things. Every certification that Apple has available for repair, our techs have. However, Apple does not offer a certification in iPod, iPhone or iPad repair. Old Apple is very stingy. They want your old device to recycle for parts/refurbs. They want you to take it to Apple for repair. Period. So, Apple has this wonderful little condition: Thou shalt not take your Apple iPod, iPhone or iPad to a 3rd party for repair or your warranty is VOID! [insert evil laugh].

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Our competitors lied. *GASP* They told us that:
1.) They do use Apple OEM parts on their repairs (they don’t, we looked), and
2.) That having them repair our device would NOT void our Apple 1 year Manufacturers Warranty.

OMG. Lies. BIG lies! Liar, liar pants on fire, etc…!!!

And the sad part of this, reader, is that most people, including yourself, will believe them. In reality, we all know that we are in search of the best price, and when we find it – we SEIZE it! Hey, we like to save a buck, too – BUT, not at the expense of our customers. We pride ourselves on honesty and quality at Rotten Apples. That’s not going to change. So, we do encourage you to shop around…but just ask the right questions. And if you’re lied to, manipulated and given the run-around by our sharky competitors…we will always have a nice, warm cup of Honest-Tea, just for you 🙂

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